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What is the role of the landscape architect? How can we understand what landscape architecture projects best suit particular needs? Why should a natural garden be preferred to a more formal garden? How can nature enrich our daily lives?

The landscape architect is committed to the spatial composition of the garden through the proper arrangement and selection of plants, always keeping in mind the nature of the area. His work is a careful and focused study based on the site – orientation, type of terrain – the climate, and the client’s wishes. He is the one who ensures that his landscape architectural projects have a vision of the future while respecting nature.

In our studio, we are fortunate to work with a 360-degree vision.

We deal with a wide range of landscape architecture projects, from urban regeneration to small gardens, in both the public and private sectors. We like to experiment and take part in important garden design competitions, as in the case of the Festival International de Jardin in Chaumont sur Loire, where we were internationally selected in 2019 to design the temporary garden hortus vitae.

We address important challenges in institutions that care for people and evaluate the impact of constant contact with nature on patients’ health – examples include the garden to improve the condition of Alzheimer’s patients and the Don Orione therapeutic garden.

In the same way, we create public areas with the most various destinations (the upgrading of the PAI, where the theme of collecting rainwater becomes an element of the project itself; the lime trees park in Binago, a place for sociality and closeness for the community that is characterized by clean lines; the apple trees garden in Albizzate, a green core that well connects with the nearby buildings); residents gardens, including hanging gardens (geometries in the garden with fruit plants and lavenders) and private corners (the natural and the wild ruffled garden in Inarzo; the oasis of botanical biodiversity snowdrops garden).

To design a garden is like sailing on the ground searching for a dream
(Fernand Personne)