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Projects, third, third
Garden Design, Landscape architecture

garden that cures

ispra 2019

The garden at Villa Fiammetta is a place within the RSA with the aim of improving the patients’ quality of life.
Contact with nature, as many scientific studies have proven, improves the general spirit, both mentally, during convalescence, and psychologically, helping to improve mood and alleviate anxiety and stress.
The garden, specially designed for patients with degenerative diseases (such as senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease), consists of a winding path with plants selected to provide sensory, tactile, olfactory, auditory, and visual stimuli that help relaxation and enhance general well-being.
The handrail outlines the path through the garden and becomes a helpful element and a point of orientation for this type of patient.
The Alzheimer’s garden has two hearts: a more active one where you can do ortho therapy (with tubs at ergonomic heights suitable for the disabled), and a more passive one where the focus is on rest, relationships, and eye contact with nature.

place | Ispra
year | 2019
size | 350 sqm
type of project | preliminary project