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studio giuliana gatti

landscape architect

planning while respecting nature as much as possibile, collaborating with it.
because gardens are the product of a collaboration between humans and nature.

Studio Giuliana Gatti landscape architect and artist in Varese. In every single project of Studio Gatti, the awareness of architectural space merges with art and botany, respecting their place and nature. Each project must meet the needs of the client, who is involved and accompanied on a constantly evolving path.


“In architecture, nature and art become tales…”

In our studio, we go step by step. We start with a survey and listen to people to fully understand their vision of the garden, their expectations, and their needs. Therefore, we suggest a concept that includes sketches, drawings, renderings, and three-dimensional models so that we can study the space in detail. In a second moment, we select the company and proceed with the executive phase, with the terrain modeling and the arrangement of the plants that are essential for the creation of a garden.

Designing gardens and landscapes is first and foremost a passion for Studio Gatti.
For our landscape architects, evoking the beauty of nature
is a talent.
And the secret of a good design lies in observing the nature of the site,
the orientation, the light, the morphology of the terrain, and the seasons.


“The garden is a factory of the landscape and lends itself to environmental games, but since it contains a dream, it harbours a project of society. In the course of its development, it will not cease to reflect a vision of the world that includes, as much as possible, an idea of life” Gilles Clement

The key to the success of the landscape architecture firm Gatti in Varese lies in the constant dialogue with the client, with the collaborators, and, above all, with nature. Thanks to this kind of synergy, most of the time the best garden is created.

The garden is at the forefront of modern luxury, requiring the rarest and most precious elements
of our society: time, space, and a lot of attention.
It is something that makes you pause to reflect and dream, it nourishes our spirit.
Its beauty depends on our care and maintenance over the years.