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therapeutic garden

garden for healing – milan 2017

“The physician cures, nature heals” Aristotle
Aristotle’s quote “the physician cures, nature heals” is the starting point for the design of this garden. We recognize both the unique role of the doctor and the value that nature has for people’s well-being, especially in the treatment process.
The Don Orione Garden was created as a caring garden for the patients of the Don Orione Centre, but also for their families, the medical staff, and the residents of the neighborhood.
The heart of the garden consists of a winding path that widens and narrows as needed, whether for a break or a journey.
An articulated strip of mixed small shrubs runs along the entire border around the road, acting as a green protective cushion.

place | Milan
year | 2017
size | 2.000 sqm approx.
project with | Prr Architetti
realization | A. Borri