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Garden Design, Landscape architecture


garden to cure – milan 2017

In the heart of the journalists’ district in Via Ressi in Milan, two projects come to life: a hanging garden that is also an urban vegetable garden The giardinOrto (halfway between garden and vegetable garden) was born from the residents’ need to be able to use the roof of the housing complex not only as a green roof but also as a place for exchange and meeting.

A green roof on which not only vegetables but also perennial plants and shrubs are grown. The hanging garden consists of a series of islands dedicated to growing vegetables and flowers, while the outer areas enclosing the garden are more dedicated to ornamental plants.

The most fascinating aspect of the project is that, in addition to the garden for residents on the ground floor, there can also be a garden on the ninth floor that allows you to enjoy nature by being “in the air”.

place | Milan
year | 2020
size | 600 sqm approx.
project with | Prr Architetti
realization | A. Borri
type of project | preliminary project