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Garden Design, Landscape architecture

the apple trees garden

albizzate 2020 – ongoing

The apple trees garden was designed with a simple and austere language in harmony with the architecture and, above all, with special attention to low environmental impact in order to reduce maintenance and management costs over time. The garden is a green heart connected to the new buildings by paths and squares, which become places of meeting, conviviality, and community for the residents.

Part of the garden is hanging, another part is on the ground. The part of the intensive hanging garden creates a continuous drainage system over all areas without interruptions. This system allows rainwater management regardless of the choice of the top surface. The garden paths are made of environmentally friendly drainage concrete without cement, which consists of natural inert materials.

Flowering apple trees are planted in the garden (Malus domestica ‘John Downie’), which are a wonderful ornament both in spring with their delicate and light flowers and in autumn with their colorful and bright fruits. The trees in the rest of the garden are the Lime Tree (Tilia platyphyllus) at the corner of the villa and the Soluangeana magnolias that mark the driveway and the pedestrian entrance on Via Campagna and the entrance to the existing villa respectively. Evergreen shrubs mixed with herbaceous and perennial plants enrich the garden and guarantee year-round flowering.

place | Albizzate
year | 2020 – ongoing
size | 1.300 sqm
architectural project | studioEcoarch