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the lime trees park

the limes trees park – binago 2021

The overall renewal of Binago’s municipal park begins first and foremost with the realization of a single system of pedestrian walkways linking the clinic, the town hall offices, the library, the schools, the nearby playground, and the basketball court.
The park in fact gives back a new “urban heart” for public use of the vicinity, which is a place of meeting, rest, and play available to all, from children to the elderly.

The project, which features a simple, clean, and contemporary design, works with the theme of subtraction to give the park a spatial quality. The tiny square provides access to the clinic on one side and the library and central avenue to the junior high school on the other. The project reorganizes the outdoor areas to improve accessibility, usability, and connectivity.

The green elements are also designed to respect the landscape features of the area. Simple and rustic vegetation that is easy to maintain guarantees both its ecological and decorative nature. The entrance to the park is highlighted by a new Tilia hybrida argentea which fits well with the two existing red oaks. A flowering garden with spontaneous perennial species facing the clinic square provides additional aesthetic value while keeping maintenance requirements in check and reducing water needs, unlike a regular lawn.

Great attention was also paid to the choice of soil, which was made with stabilized soil to ensure not only aesthetics but also maximum permeability and eliminate surface water flow to prevent flooding and erosion.

place | Binago
year | 2021
size | 1800 sqm approx.