Dal pensiero al progetto del verde: saperi, abilità e competenze
11 August 2017

PEA+A project of art and environment

project location  | Gerenzano, Varese
year | from 2013
project with | Stefania Restelli (prrrarchitetti), Gelso Gerenzano, Coop.Ardea

Since 2013 the associations il Gelso Gerenzano and Cooperativa Ardea together with the landscape designers Giuliana Gatti and Stefania Restelli offer a program of environmental education for the primary school of Gerenzano. The project provides children with a different way of discovering nature, landscape and environment, through the experimentation of artistic forms and relations. The main actor is nature with its elements: it gives several creative incentives aimed to experiment unusual techniques of composition and assembling. Art “talks” with natural world for new suggestions and emotions.