Don Orione Garden
30 June 2011
Busto Arsizio garden
29 August 2013

Garden of Remembrance

project location  | Varese
dimension | 4000 sqm
team |  Paolo Alleva – agronomist, Barbara Perini – comunication, Louise Uchôa L. Pereira – architect

The sinuous shapes of the architectural system of the historic cemetery are the inspirational signs of the project. The resulting composition refers to three circular “rooms” which are the area of dispersion of ​​ashes, the area of ​​the tumulus and the area of meditation.
The ash dispersion area is a circular bow with the shape of a reversed cone, inspired by the similar artwork created in the park of Villa Panza by American artist Roxy Paine.
The tumulus area is a concrete wall of discontinuous semicircular shape which accommodates in its structure the two hundred cinerary cells coated in white marble. The space inside the circular wall creates a square within which the cultural events related to the memory theme can take place.
In the South East part of the circle of the event area, a path of sandstone slabs allows to reach, at the East end of the area, a last “circular” room of the garden conceived for meditation and rest.