Paì lake park
29 August 2016
Castiglione garden
29 August 2018

Abbiategrasso garden

project location  | Abbiategrasso, Milano
year | 2007-2011
dimension | 7800mq (public) 2750mq circa (private)

The green project of the new residence of Popular Economic Building is made up of a part of public green and a part of private green. This is an ordered composition inspired by formal and contemporary choices.
The public garden, which constitutes a system in connection with the existing sports space (important aggregation site), has been thought of as a pathway between allied rows of axles with new buildings to barrier on the side to the railroad. The cycling track planted with lime trees is the connection of the new settlement with the old town of Abbiategrasso.
Private gardens are roof gardens as they are located above the basements. A series of walls, project design elements, allowed to create small slope for planting not only shrubs but also fruit trees. The garden alternates between hedges, formal rims and walls creating a composition of geometric shapes (rectangles and squares) different in color depending on the type of shrubs.